First April 1991 was based hairdressing company ŠARM team of hairdressers who worked under that name until 2005. From 1 April 2005, the company changed satut on LK ŠARM INTERNATIONAL sro.
Our company barber LK ŠARM INTERNATIONAL s.r.o. focuses on quality kadařníků and their work and also the quality haircare who care about the health of hair and skin of our clients. This study helps us Trichology, which is the analysis of hair and skin and makes us diagnose the problem and anomalies, such as: hair loss, excessive oily hair, dandruff formation, etc.
Our stylists are trained regularly at home and abroad. Participates in prestigious competitions such as: Championship, World Cup, etc., where many placed at the forefront and are awarded with certificates and trophies.
The quality is guaranteed majtelka company Libuse Krištofová that for his čtyřicetiletlou practice has won many awards from Paris, Berlin and domestic. Was selected and awarded in 2000 Woman of the Year and received the title "LADY PRO" - 10 most successful women of the year. In 2003 she was selected and included in the biographical encykloupedie leading EQUALITY Czech Republic entitled "WHO IS? ... In the Czech Republic." Co-organized by the International festival hairstyling and color cosmetics Czech Championship hairstyling and color cosmetics apprentices and professionals.